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Easy Keeping Tanks Clean 

I always thought it was a pain to keep a tank clean, so I never wanted a bigger tank. BUT NOW I know I can keep a big one clean!! Thanks to SanaDrop. - JBuckmas

Best Product I’ve found!

This was such a simple solution (no pun intended) to solve many of my aquarium needs with one product! Clarifier, reduces algae within hours and the water was noticeably more clear within 24hrs and everything living are the healthiest they’ve ever been! - Emily Perkins

Just WOW!

In the 40 days that I have been using this product I haven't had to change the water once. The water continues to be clean and clear. The PH levels, nitrites, nitrates and ammonia continue at normal levels. This product has exceeded my expectations. Would recommend. - Raquel


I have had an aquarium for about 20 years. I was on facebook and an ad for this popped up so I got on amazon and ordered it as a last resort. I am so glad I did. After the 1st 10 days the black stuff is almost gone plus there is no algae. I have never seen anything that works as good and would recommend to anyone with an aquarium. - Sailpowr

Reef Aquarium

I used it for my reef aquarium. It took care of some red algae within three days. Amazing! - Larry L Legg


Excellent product!!!!

2nd time buying this product. Water clear for so much longer, 6 weeks and water still great with all the parameters ok. - James Camp

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