SANADROP WC3 Freshwater - 2oz


SANADROP WC3 is a super concentrated biostimulant, this unique proprietary aquarium product replaces multiple products saving you maintenance and money. Keeps aquarium water healthy and clear.

  • Prevent sludge accumulation (Suspended solids & bottom sediments
  • Promote a longer cycle of changing water (significantly reduces maintenance)
  • Inhibit the growth of algae without using any chemicals or toxins.
  • Keep your tank water clear and beautiful for longer periods.
  • Control Ammonia and Nitrites.
  • Promote a stress free environment for your fish.
  • Help the efficiency of your mechanical filters.

100% SAFE

  • Zero hazard product (Free of chemicals, bacteria, toxins and harmful products)


DOSAGE (daily): 1drop/2gallons
*after 10 days: 1drop/2gallons weekly


Sanadrop pond

Boost your Pond Filtration

Sanadrop POND will maximize the potential of your mechanical filter and accelerate the biological-filtration system in your tank.

In your fish tank there are millions of micro organisms that are working
to consume all the excessive organic material & unwanted substances
that reduce the quality of the water in your tank. These beneficial
bacteria are the most important aspect to maintaining your water's
biological and parameter balance.

No matter how hard these bacteria work, they struggle to keep up with all of the challenges created in your pond.

Sanadrop POND will significantly reduce the frequency of water changes.

No, Sanadrop WC3 does not substitute any of the 3 Filter systems.

Sanadrop POND will accelerate your biological filter system and as a result of less biological waste, it will help the effectiveness and efficiency of your mechanical filter.

Yes. Sanadrop is completely safe for your plant.