SANADROP WC3 Freshwater - 8oz

SANADROP WC3 Freshwater - 8oz

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(48gal aquarium or larger)

SANADROP WC3 is a super concentrated bio stimulant, this unique proprietary aquarium product replaces multiple products saving you maintenance and money. Keeps aquarium water healthy and clear.

  • Prevent sludge accumulation (Suspended solids & bottom sediments
  • Promote a longer cycle of changing water (significantly reduces maintenance)
  • Inhibit the growth of algae without using any chemicals or toxins.
  • Keep your tank water clear and beautiful for longer periods.
  • Control Ammonia and Nitrites.
  • Promote a stress free environment for your fish.
  • Help the efficiency of your mechanical filters.

100% SAFE

  • Zero hazard product (Free of chemicals, bacteria, toxins and harmful products)


DOSAGE (daily): 1drop/2gallons
*after 10 days: 1drop/2gallons weekly